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Welcome to the future

The place where the Pasta revolution lives

Our secret is respect

In our pasta manufacturing plant we have created a brand-new product by exploiting the immense potential of cold.

Our revolution has one big secret: our Cold methodwas created starting from listening to nature and from the deep respect for the precious raw materials that earth gives us.

The result is the first real revolution in the market for over 500 years, which has led us to conceive, design and implement the first and only entirely cold Pasta production chain, from pre-dough to packaging.

The renaissance
of tradition

When technology and innovation are at the service of tradition, it is possible to make craftsmanship contemporary, a 100% Italian renaissance.

Thus, we have reinterpreted the ancient processing methods by creating a Pasta born from the coexistence between the most innovative technologies and the most ancient centuries-old traditions, joined in a perfect balance.

The manufacturing of the dough always takes place at low temperatures according to a process that allows to enrich every single grain of semolina with water, making the dough perfectly homogeneous.

Pietro Massi’s Mono-process is the exclusive way to make a perfect sheet of dough directly from the dough crumbs, in a single and delicate step, constantly cold-method.

The cold linear-die shaping conceived by Pietro Massi is an original method that allows the dough to be transformed into a variety of sizes, always processing at low temperatures.


The cold


We have reinvented the way of making pasta, starting from scratch and with a single goal: to create a production chain that adapts to the natural needs of raw materials, and not vice versa.

The result is the first entirely cold production line, in which we process the Pasta in all phases at low temperatures, constantly controlled, in the absence of mechanical and thermal stress.

Our product is a “living”one

Using constant low temperatures and eliminating mechanical stresses through sophisticated technological innovations allow us to produce a high-quality Pasta with excellent nutritional characteristics.

The result is a “living” product, a Pasta that preserves the natural characteristics of the raw materials unaltered: an incomparable porosity, a natural irregularity and a unique aroma.

An extraordinary land

Our pasta manufacturing plant is located in the Marche region, an authentic place, nestled between green hills and the sea and strongly rooted to the most ancient traditions in the production of Pasta.

A land with an extremely valuable natural heritage, which gives us excellent raw materials.

The best of nature, we provide the method

We create an exceptional Pasta: a tasty product healthy for the body, for this reason we are necessarily very demanding when it comes to raw materials.

We do not use any additives and our wheat is 100% Italian. Furthermore, our wholemeal Pasta is made exclusively with wholemeal semolina 100% of the Marche, stone milled

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