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Our research in short

The starting point:

Pasta is characterized by a complex structure and composition, despite the fact that it is not made up of cells, and during its processing the cellular material and the non-vital vegetable tissues. During industrial processing this cellular material can be totally deconstructed and modified.

This highlights how processing technologies are fundamental to determine the final qualities of the pasta and how many components of the product, such as fibers and mineral salts, are often overlooked.

Pasta Pietro Massi is produced with excellent technological processes, with strict laboratory inspections and designed to be validated through clinical research on humans.

The main features emerged from the analysis of Pasta Pietro Massi:

  1. it is nutritionally completecompared to other carbohydrate sources, for all ages
  2. it has superior organoleptic and taste characteristics
  3. it has an optimal shape retention and shelf life characteristics
  4. it is highly digestible
  5. it contains perfectly structured starches and it facilitates the correct and balanced release of the carbohydrate component, therefore it has a low impact on blood sugar levels
  6. it isfree from contaminants and pollutants
  7. it has an excellent individual tolerability
  8. it is the optimal balance between digestibility, taste and sense of satisfactionand satiety even far from a meal.

Prof. Antonio Vittorino Gaddi


Scientific Director of EuroGenLab, Technical Committee, IT
Scientific Director of QInternational LtD, UK

President Italian Society of Digital Health and Telemedicine
Past President of Undergraduate Course in Medicine and Surgery, Bologna University, IT

Italian physician, writer and academic; specialised in cardioangiology and gerontology, he is well-known thanks to his contributions on the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.

Scientific publications

A Pasta that has nothing to hide, but everything to show

We can observe our Pasta under an electronic microscope: the structure shows the perfect integrity of the starch granules and a very orderly distribution of the gluten lattice, which contains and “embraces” the starches. The numerous interspaces favor optimal hydration and uniform water penetration, ensuring uniform cooking at all times.

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